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About Us

Commsafe is a fast, simple way to access important information and services online. A secure Commsafe account lets you safely connect with a range of Australian Organisations with one username and password.

You can do this in two ways:

1. Commsafe email address – Your Commsafe account provides you with a unique email address which can be used by you to provide to your organisations and friends. This means that you can use your Commsafe to receive information from anyone you choose to. Unlike a normal email account, Commsafe will automatically block any inbound communications until you have accepted them as a connection. This design feature is a key way for us to ensure you only get the information from senders that you choose.

2. Commsafe works with Organisations that want to communicate securely and as part of that they will open a Digital Mailbox for you and invite you to connect with them. Once you accept and verify your details, they will be able to send information to you with confidence that you have received and opened the communication and also take advantage of all the great features that Commsafe has to offer.

When you create a Personal Commsafe account, you'll benefit from the Security features:

Commsafe Storage - will allow you to store important information like photos, tax returns and contracts in our premium server location. So if something happens to your local hard drive, you can easily retrieve your information.

Commsafe security codes (coming soon) - if you choose to turn on Commsafe security codes, each time you sign in to Commsafe with your username and password, we will email or SMS a security code to your mobile phone which you must enter in to your Commsafe account to complete your sign in.

Commsafe features available to all business users:

Commsafe eSignature - will allow you to send and receive documents for signing electronically

Commsafe payment gateway (coming soon) - will allow you to send and receive invoices for payment via our agreement with selected financial institutions.

Commsafe calander – will allow you to send and receive appointment notifications

Commsafe workflow automation – allows you to automate personal and business processes